Building a new custom home is a fun experience, you are transforming your dream into a reality. However, it is not something that can be rushed into. Before you can start digging the foundation, there are several things to take into account. Being able to personally select all the details that would make up your custom home requires patience and knowledge of the process. 

Consider the following to get your concept off the ground and closer to reality:

Have a Clear Vision

The process of designing your dream home begins with creating a clear picture of what it looks like. You might think about how much space you need, where your furniture will go, and even what colours you love. Without a clear picture, it can be difficult to make decisions about everything else.

Building Permits

These vary from state to state. They serve to protect the homeowner to ensure the home is built according to the specific state’s regulations. Make sure to set this as a priority before you start anything else as approval can take a few days, maybe weeks to get approved. 

Stick To Your Budget

Your dream home might be one thing, but you will need to determine what you can afford to know if the type of home you have in mind to build is realistic. Setting a price point will help you select the size, location, layout, and features for your new home. Also take into consideration the cost of local fees and taxes, designer costs, and landscaping expenses. 

Set a Timeframe

When do you want the project completed? This would depend greatly on your personal circumstances, for example, are there any major life events happening that could influence the building process? Do any elements need to be custom ordered? Are you planning a family soon? Also take into account shipping delays, especially for raw materials, or if you are custom ordering any elements, as this could influence your timeframe considerably. 

The Construction Phase

This is where your vision really starts taking shape. It is essential to select a builder you can trust that offers quality craftsmanship. Ask about the builder’s expertise and background. Do they have a quality control process? 

Ensure there is clear and constant communication from your builder and that regular site visits are arranged to keep you up to speed and can witness the standard of work being done. 

Communication is also important to be made aware of any issues that might arise or whether changes to the building schedule will affect your timeline. 

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Your Local Sydney Custom Home Builder

If you’re dreaming of a custom-built property, let Jadco Homes’ experience and expertise guide your vision into reality. With over 25 years of experience, we offer a complete service – from design through to construction for homeowners right across Western and South Western Sydney. Get in touch today. 

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