If you consider having a custom-built new home, you are one of the lucky ones who are about to begin an exciting and fulfilling journey. 

The procedure consists of many steps that need to be carefully planned and executed, and the more you know about them, the more you’ll be able to enjoy them along the way and avoid stressful inconveniences. 

Since you’ll be included in the whole custom-built home creation to a certain extent, you must know what your responsibilities are and what to expect from the whole process.

Besides picking the location and picking the right builder, you should take your time to imagine and note all the specifics about the home design. After all, your new custom home should look and feel like it is a part of you, so don’t be afraid to incorporate all those bold ideas that truly say more about your style.

This is the idea that our Jadco Homes custom-built homes professionals strongly support, so by guiding you step-by-step through the process of building a custom home, we will hopefully give you enough room to express yourself the best way possible and end up with the home that you always dreamed of. 

The Initial Checklist Coverage – Budget, Timeframe and the Property Selection

It doesn’t have to go by this specific order, but all these three components must be established before you even contact the trusted custom-built new homes professionals. 

Maybe you’ve already found the perfect lot or inherited one and are ready to enrich it with a lovely home – either way, this is the crucial thing when considering building a custom home. 

On the other hand, budget is usually the most delicate thing which therefore requires a lot of time and consideration. Careful calculations and the ability to single out a specific sum for the overruns is quite important, but it will all be much clearer once you get the detailed estimate from your builder. 

The same rule applies to the timeframe. Maybe you are tight on the deadline and need a crew that is up for the challenge – this is something that you should mention to them at the first meeting. If you are flexible with the schedule, then you’ll be able to find a mutual agreement with the custom home builder that would fit everyone. 

Having Fun with Your Custom-Built New Home’s Design

The main reason why people want to have a custom home is that they can adapt it to fit their needs entirely. Maybe you want to reduce your carbon step and include a solar passive design in your home? Or are you planning on expanding your family and need a safe environment for the little ones where they can play and crawl without getting injured? Then you can consider having an accessible home design that will make it happen. 

Besides determining the size, stories alongside the house and room layout, you should think about the structural features you wish to include in each area and consider all those personalised aspects that you wish to have in your custom-built new home – gym, music studio, guest rooms, fireplace, heated floor, laundry room, etc. Anything you truly want. 

Picking the Right Team and Being the Part of The Custom Home Creation Process

This task is one of the most essential ones, so give yourself time to gather enough information about the builder you wish to hire. Ask around, check multiple portfolios and quotes, talk to your builder and finally, make a decision based on the findings. 

Once the procedure begins, you can expect its completion in 12-18 months approximately. Of course, this will vary from project to project, but during this time you can monitor the development as much as you want and stay in touch with the project manager for status updates. 

This phase should run smoothly if the construction pre-planning phase was done properly and the team you hired is experienced and skilled. On the other hand, if any problem arises, your builder should be able to find the right resolution and simply move forward. 

Our Jadco Homes custom home builders match the description entirely, so you can get in touch with us today and discover for yourself why so many people from all over the Western Sydney and Blue Mountains area have entrusted us with their custom-built new home projects

What Comes After the Project Completion?

The contract you’ve signed should state clearly whether the builder is responsible for cleaning up after the project was completed alongside other responsibilities and warranties they promise. 

We at Jacco Homes are well-known for being there to our clients from the initial administrative phases to the moment we hand them over the keys. Since we are members of both HIA and MBA associations, you can rest assured that we perform each task in compliance with the highest standards of Australia and provide all the necessary warranties for your convenience and peace of mind.