Construction Pre Planning Penrith

Before the concrete is poured and the solid house foundation is made, there is a set of tasks and calculations that must be performed with utmost precision. This part is known as the construction pre-planning process, and it represents the base of any stable and successful project. We at Jadco Homes are well known for our remarkable dedication to each client, so we invest a lot of time and energy in the construction pre-planning phase. Besides the scope of work which consists of step-by-step guidelines to our goal, one of the main features of this stage is budget. As we offer a fixed price contract for all of our customers, this is the time to establish how exactly your financial plan will look and what it will cover. Finally, without detailed pre-planning, we can’t determine when your future residential project will be completed. This is something that none of us wants. If you are looking for a team that works transparently and proves it at every step of the way, don’t hesitate to turn to our Penrith building experts and prepare for the most pleasurable and stress-free house building experience.

First Step – Defining Your Project’s Scope

To predict and successfully avoid any potential issues, we need to carefully review all project submittal data, design plans and other technical details. Once it's all put on paper, we can get a clearer picture and begin to give the project precise form. This is the critical point where each of our team members will get to know their duties when it comes to the day-to-day pre-construction and construction phase. Since most of our work is done by a single in-house team, we are already well-played and always work as one. But the most important part here is involving you in the whole procedure, so you can fully understand what, how and when we are going to perform each task.

Detailed Budget Plan for our Client’s Peace of Mind

When it comes to building a house, worrying about the hidden and additional costs is one of the main concerns of many people. With Jadco Homes, you can be sure to smoothly avoid this inconvenience. With a thorough cost analysis, we will determine the best possible solution for the budget you presented us with. Besides logistic and material costs, we will include all the fees that are related to the initial design of your choice. Whether you want an adaptable house that will fit the whole family or you want to implement as many energy-efficient solutions as possible into your home project, we will calculate the costs and let you get familiar with the ultimate amount. If necessary, we will gladly present you with multiple alternative solutions that will still satisfy your requirements but affect your budget slightly less.

Hesitant to get the Accurate Schedule for Each Phase Completion? Contact our Penrith Building Experts Today

As we at Jadco Homes want to be sure that you will enjoy your journey with us, we want to be as helpful as possible. You can count on us to speed up all administrative phases to gain the necessary permits in the shortest time, and therefore save your time for the next stages. We will assign a deadline for each construction chapter and inform you about the estimated time for the project completion. No matter the size and complexity of it, you can rest assured that you’ll get to move into your new home as promised. This is why we will carefully predict the needed time for each of our tasks – from permits approvals, material purchase and team coordination to the initial construction phase. Our Penrith team of constructors simply enjoys planning out everything, and the best part is that you are invited to join us too. We will answer all of your questions and clear out any of your doubts, so you can always understand and follow your project’s progression. Contact us today and entrust the finest Penrith custom home builders with creating you a forever home.