Home Builders Blue Mountains

The greatest thing about the Blue Mountains region is that it has it all. Small towns surrounded by spectacular nature and awarded with the ideal climate, but still ready to support even an urban lifestyle with venues like cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants and schools. Moreover, the city of Penrith is just 10 miles away, so you can easily commute there and back every day if necessary.  In case you are looking for a professional, reliable and competent team for building your future home, you are at the right spot. We have been creating true construction masterpieces for more than 25 years which awarded us with membership in both Masters Building Association (MBA) and Housing Industry Association (HIA). We will dedicate entirely to your new project and will not consider it done until you are completely satisfied. After all, it is our main goal to create you a house that you will call home. 

What Does our Blue Mountains Home Package Include?

Firstly, the main thing you will get as soon as you hire our builder’s team is full consideration. Most of our work is done by the in-house team, so you will be able to work closely with our designers, architects and project managers during the whole time. Even if you still don’t have the clearest picture of what your home should look like, our creative team will present you with the best possible solutions based on your needs. We are most recognized for our custom design house projects, and our goal is to make an utmost unique residential property that you will simply love.  Whether you are a growing family, a newly married couple or retirees, we will implement your requirements into the design and most importantly, your budget. Our package does not include any additional or hidden costs, since you will be offered a fixed price contract. That means that once we establish the price, this is the amount you’ll be paying in the end. Yes, that is entirely true! 

Adaptable Blue Mountains House Solutions That Fit All Generations

We had the opportunity to work with many people throughout our long career which made us competent to build a perfectly adaptable home for every client. These houses are made to fit your particular needs, whether you have a toddler whose safety is in the first place or you are a couple of retirees who want to have an enjoyable and accessible home. There is a solution for everyone.  With the adaptable home design, you and your family members will be able to move through your home without any restrictions or difficulties. From simple modifications like an open-plan floor design solution that excludes overcrowded living areas, to more complex like altering the bathroom or kitchen design which may include rails or ramps for your specific needs – the Jadco Homes Blue Mountains team is at your full disposal.  Besides adaptable design, we can make your home energy-efficient too. Our designers and architects will work together to come up with the perfect design that supports an eco-friendly property. Using the highest-quality materials for the insulation and designing the cross-ventilation system for your house are some of the usual steps we take. Then, positioning your house on the block so that the front is facing south and the back is facing north will ensure that you have just the right amount of sunlight entering on all sides. 

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