Until recently, property investors were only able to buy established properties through their SMSFs. That’s changed.

Thanks to an innovative partnership with One Contract Property, Jadco Homes can offer property investors the ability to build custom homes through your self-managed super fund (SMSF).

Historically, SMSFs have only been able to purchase established properties, not house and land packages – dramatically limiting your investment options.

The issue comes with the contracts: SMSF investors cannot invest in properties using two-part contracts (all new build contracts are two-part contracts). However, our partnership with One Contract Property solves that problem: they enter into a one-part contract with the SMSF, and they contract to build the property with us.

By investing in a custom property through your SMSF, you gain complete control over your retirement nest egg by unlocking one of the most secure and best-performing investment assets – property – as well as ensuring your investment property is tailored to your requirements.

How it works


You decide on the property location and build

You (through your SMSF) choose the location of the property. Working closely with you, we design a property with your desired customisations and extras that fits your budget.


One Contract Property purchases the land

The SMSF enters into a single-part contract with One Contract Property and pays a 35% deposit. One Contract Property acquires the land and works in partnership with us on the design and build process.


We build the property

We build the property exactly the same way we normally do: on a fixed-price contract based on our custom design and site investigations. We manage all elements of the build, ensuring no nasty surprises or hidden costs.


The SMSF takes possession of the completed property

Upon completion, the SMSF pays the 65% balance and the completed property is transferred. The sale is finalised and the SMSF owns a new investment property.

How To Design A Home To Fit Your Budget

Why build a custom investment property with Jadco?

  • We design a property that works within your budget and for your site – with superior customisation options, extras and premium fixtures and fittings when compared to an established property or house-and-land package.
  • We manage the whole process on your behalf from inhouse design to construction, using our hand-selected team of loyal, experienced and quality-driven contractors.
  • We deal with all local planning and building approvals – no need for you to contend with council. 
  • We carry out detailed site investigations to ensure that your home works in harmony with your land – avoiding surprise costs during the build process.
  • We manage all aspects of demolition and construction, with seamless integration and minimum downtime, followed by expert landscaping and then handover.
  • We deliver with no hidden costs or extras, drawing up a fixed-price contract before we begin construction. Once we’ve set the budget, we stick to it – no matter what.

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Property investment case study

Emu Plains custom home: Budget $860–$880,000

Marie and Joe approached Jadco to design and build a duplex investment property in Emu Plains. The existing dwelling required demolition and Jadco was engaged to manage the entire project. The 2-storey, 4-bedroom duplex design came in with a project cost budget of $860–$880,000, which was approved immediately by Marie & Joe. The council was slow to approve due to increased density but Jadco was able to adjust the design to satisfy the council’s requirements.

Result: Construction commenced within 2 weeks of building approvals. Marie & Joe were excited after completion of construction when they were advised by their real estate agent that they had tenants ready to move in.