Having a custom-built home where every single detail reflects your style and identity is a dream come true for many of us.

The process of custom home creation could be long and tiresome if you don’t know what you want exactly, but it will certainly be destined to fail if you don’t have an adequate independent home builder by your side.

The relationship that you create with this team of independent home builders is crucial, so you need to be able to trust them entirely and have a deeper knowledge of their expertise, previous projects and overall reputation in the home builders’ world.

Even though it may seem difficult to recognise the profile of the right builder, we assure you that there are proven signs that you came across the good one. To make things a bit easier for you, we created a list of things that you need to keep in mind when hiring an independent home builder to get the best possible outcome. After all, we’ve been in the business for over 25 years, so you can trust us on this one.

Do Your Research

When you spot a builder that seems promising, the first thing is to learn more about them. These independent home builders must firstly have experience and therefore proof of previous works. Check out their portfolios, reviews, and everything else that may demonstrate their way of doing business.

The transparent builders about their work are usually the ones you can put the trust in. You can also expect them to provide a better quality of craftsmanship and premium materials for the house construction since the symbiosis of these two elements is what kept them in the business for so long.

Getting a Detailed Estimate

This is the part where you need to put as many pieces of information as possible to get an accurate quote from an independent home builder of interest.

Your custom home is probably your forever home, so be specific about what you want. Maybe you wish to have a solar passive home design, or you need an accessible home for full convenience? Some components that you wish to include in the initial home design might cost you more, but on the other hand, create the perfect ambience and support your home’s construction in an adequate way.

On the other hand, the first estimate that your builder presents you with should resonate quite well with your current budget, but keep in mind that the final price may be different. To be sure that your budget will not have major overruns, you should consider working with a builder who offers a fixed price contract.

Meeting the Independent Home Builders

After you schedule the meeting with the builders’ team, you should create a set of questions that you should ask them.

Besides the impression you get from a certain builder, which can be an immediate click or repulsion, you should trust the proofs they present you with. A current resume of projects, more details about their in-house team and subcontractors, the example of their workflow and most important thing, does this team invest in the construction pre-planning?

You should be able to get the answers to all your questions without having a feeling of inconvenience. Ask them about their experience and previous clients alongside the questions regarding the contract. Maybe you wish to show it to a lawyer and get the reassurance you need? Your builder should be fine with it, and if not, it is surely a red flag.

Also, keep in mind to learn more about the independent home builder’s licenses, insurances and warranties. Suppose they are the members of Masters Builders Association (MBA) and Housing Industry Association (HIA) like our Jadco Homes independent home builder professionals are. In that case, we assure you you’re on a good track.

Learn More About the Project Manager

This is another important thing to ask – who will be supervising my project, and will I be offered continuous updates from this person?

If you have a single point of contact when building a custom home, it will facilitate things significantly. A lot of people are included in the project development and construction, so it is crucial to have a single reliable supervisor or project manager that will keep you informed about everything.

Maybe you want to change the initial design or have some doubts that require immediate clarification? This person should be a thread that connects you with the rest of the team that works on your project.
We at Jadco Homes offer unique custom home designs and solutions that will fit your requirements and budget. Widely known throughout the whole Western Sydney and Blue Mountains area for our transparency and impeccable craftsmanship, we are one of those independent home builders that you can put your trust in entirely and carelessly enjoy the exciting journey of home creation.