At first, it may seem that the project home and custom home include similar procedures and the final result, but in reality, they are quite different. The main factor that is considered to be the deciding one is originality. 

If you always wanted to have a one-of-a-kind house that is designed and built from scratch, it is safe to go with the custom design home. On the other hand, a project home has the same layout and design as other houses around it, so they are often seen in the suburban locations where they represent a certain singled-out area. Actually, all the homes in a certain community can be built by a single project home builder who simply owns several lots in this particular territory.

Now, let’s dig deeper and discover which are the characteristics and differences for both of these home types regarding every project’s aspect. 

1. Price

The custom home design options are endless which means you can arrange and rearrange the budget along the way. Maybe you want to have the highest-quality materials and are willing to pay more but then invest modestly into the home interiors and décor. With the custom designs, components like driveways, patios and retaining walls are usually integrated into the price. The custom homes Western Sydney projects can even come with the fixed price contract which certainly is reliving.  

With project homes, the situation is slightly different. Even though the price can be lower than with the custom option, the aforementioned outdoor elements are rarely included in the price. If you want to alter the design, the cost will rise since there are strict contract rules related to that matter. Also, demolition and removal of waste always come as an extra expense, while with custom homes that is usually not the case. 

2. Design

The overall impression that you’ll immediately notice when it comes to a project home is the lack of flexibility when it comes to design. Thanks to their homogeneous nature, these houses will offer fewer space personalisation options. In other words, the initial home design is already planned for you. This might be a great choice for someone who really wants a hassle-free residential design solution, but is not repulsed by the fact that many people in your surrounding will have the same floor plan, layout and overall house design.

On the other hand, custom home design is all about reflecting your lifestyle and personality. The choices are vast and all of them can be made solely by you. If you want to be in charge and have a clear idea of what your future home should look like, a custom home is the way to go. Since every detail is granted a full builder’s attention, the designing process for this type of home will take more time. 

3. Construction

With the custom homes, you’ll get the opportunity to choose a builder who has a valuable team of workers, trusted suppliers and subcontractors which all lead to a higher quality of workmanship. During the whole time, you’ll be in touch with the project manager who is obliged to give any input about the construction progression you are interested in. In this phase, the custom home solution takes the lead when it comes to the time frame since the whole team will work as one to finish your project before the deadline. 

Project home completion can take quite a long since the builder usually has other projects going on at the same time. Another important thing to mention is that project home builders are not too keen on constructing a house on difficult types of blocks. If you are interested in custom homes in Western Sydney or even in the wonderful but demanding Blue Mountains area, turn to us today because we are up for any challenge. 

How to Decide – Final Thoughts

If you have a simple piece of block and are pleased with the house display in the brochure, then project home might be the solution you are looking for. Maybe you are indecisive at times and feel much comfortable when everything is arranged without you being involved. That is perfectly fine. 

However, what certainly makes the difference between these two home type of projects is the relationship you get to develop with your builder. The custom home builder is dedicated to you entirely – from start to finish. This is how you can be sure that your forever home will be the place that is truly yours and that you’ll be able to fall in love instantly. You will be included in the process at every step of the way and expect the project to be completed before the noted date in the contract. 

No matter the type of home you prefer, always make sure to hire the team you trust. After all, you are the one who is going to live in it, so don’t rush with the decisions and take as much time as you need to discover what it is that you genuinely want.