Project Homes Blue Mountains

If you are planning to build your home in the Blue Mountains region, you should consider yourself lucky. Added the World Heritage List back in 2000, the Greater Blue Mountains region has so much to offer. Breathtaking natural wonders, clean fresh air and incredible flora and fauna are something we all need from time to time, but what really counts is having all this every day. Each town in the region has everything you need for a normal life – schools, sports venues, cinemas, shopping venues, restaurants, cafes, etc. This unique combination of rural surroundings and semi-urbanised neighbourhoods is precisely what’s making the Blue Mountains so attractive for settling down. Even though the beauty of the area is easy to comprehend, the terrain of the Blue Mountains is usually rocky and sloped, so building on it can be a challenge. Our Jadco Homes team of builders knows very well how to handle this task among any other, and construct you an ultimately secure forever home.

Energy-Efficient Blue Mountains Home Design

Australians are getting more and more ecologically conscious. We are proud to say that we strongly advocate for energy-efficient solutions, so we can implement some of those into your home. We know how to place properly the construction and its elements, so you get the most out of the passive solar design principles. Other things that we consider appropriate for each project are insulation and ventilation suitable for the local climate, so we use only the top-materials from a well-known supplier. In the end, you will have a house that heats and cools itself whenever that’s necessary, and this will significantly reduce the electricity bills. Also, the indoor temperature of your home will stay mild throughout the year and you will be able to enjoy its full comfort anytime.

Fixed Price Contract with a Single Dependable Blue Mountains Builders Team

Yes, it is entirely true – we offer a fixed price contract that guarantees transparency and not a single hidden cost. That fact might be one of the reasons why we are the most trusted builders in the Blue Mountains area. Moreover, we will present you with our exceptional in-house team that will take care of the whole process for you. From the site investigations, local planning and building approvals to our final product that we will all be proud of, we guide you without stress and delays. Staying within your budget is part of the deal, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We are lucky to have a steady team of capable and professional people that can design and create a unique masterpiece every time. No matter if you already have a clear idea of how your future home should look like, or you want to leave everything to us, the final result will be exactly what you wished for. From the beginning until the end, we will work closely with you fully committing to your home project.

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The 25 years long experience combined with the great passion for new solutions and discoveries made us one of the most reputable builders in the Blue Mountains region. On top of our building packages which include Rebuild, New Homes and House and Land Packages, we offer honesty and integrity. It is our ultimate goal to make a perfect home for you, regardless of your life stage. Therefore, we can make your home as adaptable as needed, so you can move through and around it without any restrictions and difficulties. Give us a call now or write us via the online form, and learn more about our exclusive offers that can be custom-tailored for your full convenience.