Western Sydney has always been one of the most attractive parts of Australia to live in. With the mild temperature throughout the year, stunning nature of the Blue Mountains region and an incredible range of business opportunities, the Western Sydney area simply has it all. After all, you are close to the capital but still don’t have to face everyday traffic jams and costly metropolitan lifestyle.

Still, if you plan to build a house in Western Sydney, you will have to take some time to plan everything in detail, carefully organise your budget and most importantly, hire the right builder. The costs of building a new house depend on many factors, but certain rules can apply to each project, and this is exactly what we are going to cover today.

To learn more about the costs of building a house in this area, we suggest you stay with us, and if you want to get instant expert advice, you can simply get in touch with Jadco Homes, building professionals, now.

The Costs Depend on The Area You Plan to Build In

Western Sydney is extremely diverse and large. It extends from Sydney’s western metropolitan suburbs across the Cumberland Plain, all over to the fills of incredible Blue Mountains.

Therefore, the costs of your future home will surely vary depending on the area of interest. If you want to stay close to the quickly developing business district, you can go for Parramatta, in case your budget is ready for it. On the other hand, Blacktown offers perfect surrounding for raising a family, while Penrith is one of the most affordable places in the area to build a property and still have everything you need for a great life. It’s all up to you and your requirements, so make sure to get to know the area of interest to determine whether it can provide you with what you need.

Always Take the Extra Costs into Account

Besides the location, the costs of your future Western Sydney property will depend on its size which is a basic thing to consider. On the other hand, various inspections and tests must be performed before the foundation is poured. The first step includes soil quality testing which will put your project into the fitting building category. The best classification (the cheapest one also) is marked with the letter M, while the others that include a significant concentration of clay, stones or boulders will cost you more.

The same rule applies to the way your block is sloped. If it’s perfectly flat, you will not be charged additionally, but if sloped, you need to be prepared for extra costs. This is simply because working and building on these terrains is way more difficult, so it requires special consideration. The builder also needs to ensure your property will remain intact during bushfires and floods, which also means more expenses.

Luckily, there are multiple grants provided by the Australian government that you can apply for and get some initial financial deductions.

Go for a Builder that Offers a Fixed Price Budget

No matter if you plan to build a custom home or prefer going with the house and land package for the most simplified procedure, you should turn to a building company that offers this type of contract. This is how you will avoid getting unpleasantly surprised by the hidden costs and extras.

We at Jadco Home offer a fixed price contract for each of our customers, so you can get the most enjoyable house building experience with us. We are based in Penrith but cover the whole Western Sydney area including the wonderful Blue Mountains region. Get in touch with us today and we promise to turn your vision into a reality because that is simply what we have been doing for more than 25 years.