Even though it’s one of the most exciting and joyful moments in our lives, building a house is a serious and considerably large undertaking. There are multiple things to take into account and each of them must be thoroughly processed so the outcome would be as we hope.

From vision to reality, there is a long way to pass. The good news is that there are certain proven measures to take and ensure yourself a smooth and enjoyable house building experience. Surrounding yourself with the right people and determining a realistic budget is the core of any successful building project and therefore, a good start. However, what comes next is equally important.

Even though a new house building project can feel overwhelming at times, you can get all the help you need from multiple sources. If you select well, you can even hire a team that can take care of everything from the administrative phase completion and finding the right material suppliers, to performing the actual construction which includes fittings and finishes. Once this type of project is finalised, all that’s left to be done is taking keys and moving in.

We at Jadco Homes offer that and more since besides building new houses in Penrith, we can also provide you with a beautiful piece of land in both this city and the Blue Mountains area. As we want to make things as simple as possible for you, so we present you with a list of 6 things you should know before building a new house and avoid some common mistakes.

1. Planning is Essential

This applies to every single phase of project development – from your personal planning which is loosely based on daydreaming while you are at work, to those which include concrete architectural and design plans that are actually going to be integrated into your future home.

However, there is a starting plan that embraces all the singled-out ones and it is known as the construction pre-planning phase. Always make sure to hire a builder who invests time and energy to present you with detailed pre-planning. This set of documents contains the project’s scope, budget plan and scheduled workflow. Basically, everything you need to know for a smooth start.

2. Always Be Honest About the Budget

Firstly, you should be straightforward with yourself about the current financial plan to avoid problems and disappointments. Once that is done, you need to clearly state the final budget for the project to your trusted builder. The company has to address all additional costs like soil inspection, foundation empowering, outdoor concrete and similar things, but make sure to always check the price list and what exactly the fee includes for yourself.

As stressful as this can be for many, we at Jaco made sure to provide a fixed-price contract for all of our customers. With us, the price we agreed upon and marked in the contract is the one you’ll get to pay in the end.

3. Hire the Right Builder

Without having a trustworthy and capable team of people to build a new house in Penrith for you, the project will get nowhere. Ask for recommendations, do the online browse and trust your instincts. Once you come across the builder with whom you ‘click’ instantly, that’s about it.

We at Jadco are one of the most recognised companies when it comes to building new houses in Penrith, so you can get in touch with us today and discover for yourself why that is the case.

4. Get Familiar with Grant Eligibility

Australian government offers different types of grants for new house builders. Home Builder Grant or Bonus Grant are some of them, so make sure to check your eligibility before you decide to build. Depending on the project size and location, the amount can come up to $25.000 which can support your budget quite nicely.

5. Consider Sustainable House Design

Besides the fact that you’ll do the favour for the environment and community, sustainable home will save you some money in the long run. Solar passive design promises reduced electricity bill, mild temperature throughout the year and longevity.

We at Jadco promote sustainability and are well aware that professionally done insulation is crucial for that matter. This is why we will provide you with the perfect solar passive design backed up with premium quality materials for house construction.

6. Maintain Constant Communication with Your Team

To minimise the mistakes, always be clear with your builder what your expectations are. Make sure that the designers understand your intentions perfectly, stay in touch with the project manager for regular updates and don’t hesitate to visit the site whenever you need. On the other hand, none of these things should bother your builders, as they must be transparent and let you check the progress at any time. After all, this is going to be your future house.

Jadco Homes team advocates for an honest and genuine approach which awarded us with numerous satisfied customers. We offer a single point of contact during the pre-construction and construction time, so you’ll get all the information you require first-hand. If you are ready to build a new house in Penrith, feel free to contact us at any time!